RADIATOR Part Number 531980M94
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RADIATOR Part Number 531980M94
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RADIATOR Part Number 531980M94
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Our new radiator is designed and built to precise dimensional specifications to ensure an exact fit. Each radiator has a stamped brass tank, undergoes a rigorous quality inspection, and is 100% leak tested. This radiator has 8 fins per inch and 3 rows of tubes. It is 19" tall, the core size is 15.125" wide, and the filler neck is 4.25". This radiator fits the Massey Ferguson Tractor 255 (with gas engine) and 265 (SN <9A349239 with gas engine).

Dim A (1)
Core Size: 15.125" Wide

Dim B (2)
19.000" High

Dim C (3)
3 Rows of Tubes

Dim D (4)
8 Fins per Inch

Dim E (5)
4.250" fill neckCooling Systems > Radiators and Related Parts
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 255 (W/ GAS ENGINE)
Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 265 (SN <9A349239 W/ GAS ENGINE)

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